As in farmer, harvest, fresh-from the field?

This sounds rather natural, open, organic and cheerful – and reminds us of baskets of beets, kale, carrots, berries, wine, laughter, and a whole lot of fun!

Well, you get the point … welcome home

The Roots of Pitchfork Thinking

Great food has little do with fancy restaurants – great food is about the passion of the people creating it: the local farmers with a deep conscience about sustainability and the environment, the creative chefs that take pride in creating fresh and tasty meals, the warm welcome and smile of the staff and the inviting environment of the venue.

The Spirit of the Restaurant

Fabulous food and drinks alone don’t make a great restaurant – stimulating all senses make for a fun dining experience!

And while Pitchfork is a quick service restaurant, it is awfully tempting to stay a while, to take in the music, the spirit, the energy and the general sights and sounds ...

American Farm to Table

Pitchfork is taking this experience and bringing American farm-to-table goodness to an unpretentious setting where you can enjoy honest, hand-crafted food with high-quality fresh ingredients.

We call it ‘an Eatery’ because restaurant sounds way too formal for what Pitchfork is. We are today, everyday, quick, casual, affordable …

Click here for a downloadable sample menu

Liquid Indulgence

Pitchfork beverages follow the same spirit of our food: for some of our guests and certain times the drink of choice might be a cup of small-batch roasted coffee or juice pressed just for you; for others it is a craft beer on tab or glass of artisanal wine that we discovered and love to share with you.

and most importantly, fabulous people

Nothing is more disappointing that a great meal in fun surroundings at fair prices if the service is not equally as wonderful.

Well, we would not be happy if the service experience is not anything but the highlight of a meal at Pitchfork - it is all about people, interaction, laughing, casual collisions and having a good time.

And by the way - not everybody that you see looks like the charming girl on the right, she happens to be in charge of Sweet Potato Fries and is too shy to come out of the kitchen.

A shame, really - she is rather lovely.

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